MIND JAM - Creating a safe space to talk about mental health
& business

Our second Studio Change community project - A Interactive Workshop for creatives & small business owners; centred around acknowledging & supporting those with mental health issues.

  • Feeling lonely or isolated?

  • Struggling to work? 

  • Trying to create a sustainable business?

  • Anxious and not sure you’re good enough?

  • Want a supportive network of likeminded people?

Let’s face it, being a creative or a freelancer creating and running a small business.. it's tough! There’s so much pressure to succeed and we are constantly bombarded with stories and social media clips on how well everyone else is doing. The reality for many of us is that it is really really hard! Not just the business of 'being in business' but on the impact that it has on our mental health too. A lot of the time we feel like we’re alone and not doing the right thing!

While some of these feelings are standard for anyone trying to set up something new, for some of us it runs deeper; with feelings of despair, anxiety or depression, these can really negatively impact what is already a huge challenge.

We feel it too - EVERY DAY!

We’d like to set something up locally, which we could all tap into when we need to. The first step would be running a couple of workshops to see what the possibilities are, then maybe a day conference or event. After these we can pick some actions and see what we can implement locally.


Very often, as part of our design work or in meetings we use a process called a Lightening Decision Jam/Change-up Session. It takes about an hour or so and is a really good way to make decisions, take action and set things up to make a change. This method could also be used as a tool to help myself and people who are going through a similar situation. There are a few low pressure activities that we would go through and by the end we would have voted on some things that as a group would be good to get started on. 

Possible outcomes (or maybe not) - a regular meet-up group, a work together day, online support - or any other of the limitless brilliant ideas that could come from the session :-)

Mind Jam .jpg


If we support each other, we can do this together!