Liberate your team with our Change-up session

Change-up is a 1 hour group workshop, ideally with a minimum of 5 people, a quick way of solving problems and creating solutions without wasted meeting time!


What is a Design Sprint?

A 4-day process (developed at Google) for quickly solving big challenges, creating new products/services or improving existing ones. It compresses potentially months of work into a few days.


What will happen?

The Change-up is a formulated session to kickstart innovation in your business. You and your team will get an intro to the Design Sprint, you will find out how the process can be used to solve a whole host of challenges, such as branding, marketing development, designing new services and creating social change. 

During the session we will help you tackle a challenge that you are currently facing in your business. Through a series of exercises we will help you formulate ideas and you will be left with tangible action to take the next steps.

Why do it?

A Change-up session can be used as a daily work tool, aligning teams and cutting out waste. It’s also great exercise to show companies the power of using Design Sprints to solve big business challenges.

By cutting out unstructured discussions, you get to focus only on the challenge in question, saving time and money!

What’s the result?

We’re confident that once you’ve experienced the session, you will have the tools to change the way you run meetings going forward. Empowering your team to take action quicker!

You’ll have an action plan for your chosen challenge, renewed focus, a new way of making decisions, knowledge to implement change in your business. We will also leave you with a workbook, so that you can follow the change-up process in future meetings.