What’s a Change-up session?

Studio Change are big fans of the sprint process, and it has awesome results, however sometimes you just something a little lighter to help
you get unstuck! The Change-up Session can help! 

The Change-up is a formulated session to kickstart innovation in your business. You and your team will get an intro to the Design Sprint, you will find out how the process can be used to solve a whole host of challenges, such as branding, marketing development, designing new services and creating social change. 

During the session we will help you tackle a challenge that you are currently facing in your business. Through a series of exercises we will help you formulate ideas and you will be left with tangible action to take the next steps.

Ready to Change?

A Change-up session can be used as a daily work tool, and is also very useful as an exercise to do with companies that want to better understand how a Design Sprint works. By cutting out unstructured discussions, you get to focus only on the challenge in question.

What can you do with a Change-up session?

Any occasion where a group of people has to make decisions, solve problems or discuss particular situations. 

Here are some practical examples of issues that can be addressed with this exercise:

  • How we run events

  • Improving our workspace

  • Creating new marketing ideas

  • Improving how we deal with clients

  • Better ways to do…

Like the Design Sprint, the Change-up session also allows those who are more introverted to express their opinions and propose ideas, as well as decide in a democratic way the priorities on which to concentrate, through the voting system typical of the Design Sprint.

The Change-up is the perfect way to solve to see how the full Design Sprint process works. It’s also a great way to see how we work together, while at the same time getting lots of value from the exercise. The exercise takes 2-3 hours max, and works well with 3-8 people taking part.


Certified Design Sprint Facilitators

We are certified by Jake Knapp (the creator of the Design Sprint) and AJ & Smart (Berlin agency world leader in Design Sprint).

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of design and marketing and we have worked with a wide range of companies. We strongly believe that Design Sprint is an opportunity to work better, create better products and invest resources more effectively.