Helping a leading Rights to Light Consultancy refresh their brand

2019 marks the fifth year in business for Point 2 - a leading Rights to Light Consultancy firm. A lot had changed from when they first started. We worked with the team to refresh their brand.

P2 had been in business for four years. They had recently updated their website which had meant that there were now inconsistencies within their brand; too many different materials and styles being used. They needed everything bringing together so that it felt like it all belonged to the same brand. They also strongly felt that their existing branding was no longer representative of who they had become as a business, so they came to us at Studio Change for some advice.

After a few meetings it was quite clear that the existing branding wasn’t right for where there are now. With over 70 members of staff, some keen on keeping the branding as it was, we needed a way of bringing everyone together. So before even looking at design or making too many assumptions, we ran a couple of Promise of Value workshops. These are a great way of getting insights from the whole team on who and what they think the business is. Through a series of activities we were able to extract vital information from team members. The results showed that while the core values of the business remained, the way they were talking about themselves and who they were as a firm had changed. This now needed to be reflected in the visual identity of P2. The workshop was key to bringing people along on the journey.


The output from a POV workshop is essentially a document with lots of phrases, words and statements about who a company is, how they behave and what they do. These are great for informing design decisions, and the next phase of the project was to do just that. We went through a number of concept-generation stages, until we picked the chosen design with which to move forward. We created a visual language that matched the POV, with design elements and text treatments inspired by what the team had fed back to us via the workshop. These were then rolled out onto the updated website and informed new photography, internal signage, internal and external reports, brochures and documents

P2 now have a fully refreshed brand that matches who they really are at this stage of the firm’s growth. All of their materials and documents now tell this story, either through words or through design elements. The team has been aligned with the new approach and this will be used to inform marketing decisions and future campaigns. The visual side of the brand may adapt and change overtime, but the core values of the business are now firmly at the heart of how they are presented to the world.

Together with an updated website (produced by their current web agency) the new brand marks the start of a renewed focus and energy to continue their excellent client delivery and future growth. 

Services Provided:

Design consultancy / Promise of value Workshop / Branding / Graphic Design / Art Direction / Project Management / Print Management /
Copy Writing / Template Updates / Internal Signage / Brand Guidelines


Client Feedback 

Refreshing our brand after 5 successful years was always going to be a challenging undertaking. We were looking for an identity that symbolised how far we had come, but that also set us up for the next 5 years and beyond, without losing the core elements of the brand that had got us so far. 

Studio Change appreciated the importance of this project for us and provided a very hands-on and personable approach. Rob and his team were excellent in firstly helping us to really understand what we wanted to achieve out of the process, extremely patient with an often evolving brief and focused on guiding us to a new brand which we feel successfully represents what Point 2 are all about.

Matt Harris, Director