Start, test, iterate…

Getting started is often the tricky part. We like to work long-term with our clients, breaking the process into shorter time-boxed projects. It’s a great way of getting stuff done, without either party getting project fatigue!




1-2 Days

Getting started is the key to making real change, a Wayfinder is a great way to make a start along the journey. Starting with a Change-up session, and if required some further light sprint exercises we can help you create meaningful change in your organisation.

Great for:

  • Developing a marketing plan

  • Brand audits

  • Looking at options for new products and services

Design Sprint


1-2 Weeks

Use a tried and tested process to to solve challenging business problems in just 4 days! Real user tested solutions ready to iterate and test further in week 2.
Save time and money and get market feedback sooner.
Perfect for new services or improving existing ones.

Great for:

  • Creating a new business

  • Launching a new product or service

  • Testing new ideas before committing to starting

  • Getting real user feedback

Deep Dive

Deep Dive.jpg

1-3 Months

Starting with a Wayfinder or Design Sprint, we get to the heart of the challenge, really getting to know who you are and what you offer. Creating a project that delivers on your objectives. These are great for branding and change projects.

Great for:

  • Branding and rebrand projects

  • Creating & delivering community projects

  • Further iteration from a previous sprint

  • Organisational change



Learn how to deliver Design Sprints in your business

We can deliver a Design Sprint for you, or we can teach you how to run one yourself during a 2 day bootcamp. You will be taught the 4 day version on the sprint in a group setting, getting to practice the core elements and be ready to implement in your business when completed.

Great for:

  • Learning a valuable skill

  • Leading change in your business

  • Bringing process to your work