Creating a studio of CHANGE

This is our first post and it serves as an introduction to us; what we do, what we’re about and our plans for the future. We will take it in turns to write (hopefully) interesting things that have some value. This one is by Rob, founder and creative director of CHANGE.

I’ve been offering marketing and design services for a while now; both as a freelancer and as a small studio and always doing a great job for our clients. But i’ve always felt that we could be doing something more.. and then getting frustrated that things aren’t moving fast enough. Sometimes (or if I’m honest… many times) thinking about giving up! Honest, but true!

It’s not that the projects weren’t good ones or that the clients were bad. Just that it always felt like I was operating outside of my happy place.

That last sentence highlighted my first big challenge; working out what my happy place is!

As a studio owner, I’ve experimented with various options that have all seemed a bit… surface; never really hitting the mark. Then I struck upon an idea; that really it’s not about what the studio should be doing, it’s about what I, individually, as a designer, a marketer, as a human would like to be doing. What matters to me. After all, if we can get to the heart of that… we can bring about real change. Not only for us as individuals, but as a collective group of people, as a studio and in turn for the clients and projects that we work on. As a studio owner you’ve got to be building something that you care about, otherwise what’s the point! It wouldn’t be worth the challenging times, the loneliness and the impact on your time, your health and your family. It’s got to matter, really matter!

So we’ve settled on three core areas. Three areas where we want to make a difference for ourselves and, just as importantly, for the world around us. All are covered under our mission of USING DESIGN TO DO GOOD.

  1. We want to work with other people who have the same ethos, heart and minds as us. We want to help them achieve the great things they have set out to change and make them as successful as we possibly can. Not just by doing a project, but by collaborating and working closely with them as creative partners. Perhaps a charity or social enterprise with a clear goal of who they are helping, and a real plan to create a positive impact. A profit for purpose business or bCorp company using some of their profits to bring about a positive outcome.

  2. As a business in addition to the above, we are putting a percentage of our profits to our scholarship fund, set up to train the next generation of creative change makers.

  3. As a studio we will create our own positive change projects; finding ways of collaborating with other people to make them happen, or crowdfunding to set up pilots. We have a growing and varied list of these and believe that change by doing is the most positive way to make things happen.

So that’s us.

Our mission.

What we are about.


And we are creating a studio to facilitate it. It’s not a gimmick, or a sales tool, it’s our heart and it runs through everything we want to do.

We are always actively looking for other change makers to join us on this journey.

Rob Key