Designing change in the world

We’re big believers in making a positive change using design. Not only graphic design; but environmental and physical products, as well as exploring how we can use design processes to bring it about.

Designing a better world sounds like a crazy big mission (it is) but it can also apply to your immediate world; your community, company or school. There are so many ways to change YOUR world.

Big change happens with small steps, actions on a local level to make a difference. They can be simple things such as picking up litter, saying hello to a passerby, checking in on neighbours.  They can also be bigger, such as setting up groups in the community, bringing people together, volunteering or starting a community focused business.

It’s not always about the global changes; small changes impact on global issues. Small steps make the difference, doing something is better than doing nothing.

We all feel the pressure sometimes to do something bigger, believing that a tiny step forward is not good enough, but it is! That’s how it starts.

In our local area of Catford and Lewisham we see this all the time. Volunteering is well supported; pop up markets bringing business and new people to the area and new business owners risking it all to start new enterprises. Community supported change happening on a local level.

As a studio we’ve set up monthly meet-ups, firstly as an exercise in me putting myself out there, but also to bring likeminded people together. It’s an experiment and it works. Since we started we’ve had over 300 local business people come to a meet up. For us, it’s not about generating income (although that’s always nice too) it’s about creating spaces for open discussion.

It’s one of the ways that we are changing the world. Our world. It will lead to other groups supporting mental health, creativity, and so much more. Is it perfect? No. But it’s a start. That’s all you can do, make the start, and see what happens.

Small changes = big impact - it’s what we call #designtodogood

Rob Key