Better is Better, not Bigger

As a business owner, there’s a constant pressure to grow bigger; hire more people, rent more space, grow a bigger team, celebrate fast growth. Pressure to conform and follow the crowd, do what other people are doing, it’s the right way isn’t it?

Following the crowd is never the right answer. Super-fast growth can be for some, if that’s what you want to do. It’s not the only way and isn’t right for everyone.

I’ve been reading a book recently, Company of One. It’s all about building a better, not bigger, business. It’s about building something that’s right for you and your lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make any money. Actually, you can make a lot. It’s about changing your focus: being better, rather than bigger and then charging accordingly. Focusing on making your clients successful, in turn makes your business successful.

Mass-marketing is over. Scatter gun approaches are not the way any more (if they ever were…) Now it’s about nurturing relationships. Building for the long term.

So I’m focusing on helping our clients more; helping them to succeed, pushing them forward, keeping them happy. After all, it benefits my business and makes referrals the natural norm.

I’ve fallen into the standard trap before. Expanding in the hope of more work, a bigger team and space, and it really IS a trap. It doesn’t work and can cause company-destroying levels of problems and stress.

I am focusing on being better, helping clients, sharing what I know. It will lead to a successful business on my terms. That’s the benefit of running your own show isn’t it?

Fresh focus from this day forward, better is better.

Rob Key